Dimensioning To Stud Centre/Core Centre, Finishes, Face, Wall Centre

Revit has the ability to dimension to multiple layers within the wall build up. Face, Core, Centre and so on.

In order to select faces, dimension as usual, and tab through until you find the line you need.
For the wall centreline – this is usually the default setting for dimensioning walls. Though, at the top, right below the ribbon, you have the ability to select varying options for dimensioning.

Select ‘Centre of Core’, and as long as the build of the wall shows our studs as the core, then we can dimension to this line with confidence.

The function next to this (Wall centreline, Wall faces, Centre of the core, Faces of the core) with ‘Pick:’ as a heading – allows you to dimension a whole block of walls quickly. Though, as we are not closing out dimensions, it is worth using this with caution, as it will dimension whole walls, end to end with all walls intersecting. It is useful in dimensioning lots of them in one hit. Once the dimension string has been done, it is easy to remove parts of the string, simply by hovering over with your mouse and using ‘Tab’ to pick the single dimension.

Once selected, hit delete, it will remove this portion of the string only.

This tool, combined with the Wall centreline, Wall faces, Centre of the core, Faces of core dimension selection, will allow fast dimensioning across the partitions in your project.