Wall Build And Basic Information

Wall Build And Basic Information

Correct construction of the wall component in Revit provides us with a clear understanding of the constructability of the wall, further data collection, and correct coordination of the project. It allows for clear documentation of wall types, builds, location, etc. etc.

Walls are set out / up / built in the Revit environment….whichever term you prefer, in six different ways, depending on their use, location, and makeup, and project requirements.

These can be seen below ‐

Be aware of these parameters, and be as consistent as you can. Set rules for your building – External walls may be Finish Face Exterior. Internal may be Wall Centerline.

The location of the wall set out is also critical when it comes to adjusting walls – for example, if you choose Wall Centerline & you must flip the direction of the wall, there will be no significant change. This is because you are mirroring across the center of the wall. If in fact, you have the wall set to Finish Face Exterior, mirroring the wall will flip it along its entire axis. Impacting significantly on space and set outs. If you are dealing with critical clear areas, then walls that are set to Finish Face Interior are probably best, as you can adjust the finishes and the wall will grow away from the interior finish.