L5 Waterfront Place

Project Details

Project Type: Commercial Fitout

  • Date: 2018
  • Market Sectors: Commercial
  • Size: 1700m2

Waterfront place was to be set up as a speculative fit out capable of carrying a full floor tenancy, or three individual tenancies. In this manner, three tenancies were designed, with a brief comprising of a 1:10 density, reception and waiting areas with ‘wow’ factor, flexible working spaces, drop in desks, meeting rooms, board rooms, and kitchens with breakout space. The spaces were then redesigned in such a way that inter tenancy walls could be removed and the entire plate be used as a single fit out. Ultimately, creating flexibility in leasing options.

The finishes were heavy, dark and industrial, with warmth through feature timbers and leathers. As Waterfront place has spectacular views, board rooms and meeting areas open up onto the river side of the building.