Barton St. Renovation

Project Details

Project Type: Residential Extension

  • Date: 2018
  • Market Sectors: Residential
  • Size: 150m2

The Barton St. renovation is ongoing, with the design brief to simplify the existing property, open the living areas, and add a small amount of space. The clients spend most of the time outdoors, and as such, the house is forever open. To facilitate this, the deck was partially enclosed, allowing for use in all weather. Internally, the living area was expanded through relocating the guest bedroom to the front of the house and forming a more traditional Queensland style front entry and corridor. The new extension retained the level of the existing house, as the land falls away, this section of the house sits tall above the yard. This created a sense of height and separation and overlooks both the existing townhouse development to the rear and the new development beyond. Operable screens to the deck and new extension allow for a feeling of openness yet can be closed for privacy at any time.

12 Lawrie St