Brisbane Architects: International experience, local flair

Chalmers Partners are award-winning architects and Brisbane designers. We offer a wide range of services, from commercial refurbishing to retail and residential home designs. 

Chalmers Partners believes in beautiful design with realistic outcomes​

We understand commercial necessities, retail requirements and home owner’s desire for practicality. As native Queenslanders, we know the climate and land possibilities as well as limitations. We integrate the right materials and floor plans to ally both stunning aesthetics and functional solutions to difficult blocks. There are many constraints in current urbanised Brisbane architecture, and we are used to working with sloping terrains and restricted space. 

What is Brisbane architecture?

Brisbane allies simple lines with a modern ecological joy. The city planning advocates for buildings that breathe for a solid aesthetic to compete with other world capitals. For eco architects, Brisbane offers a wonderful range of possibilities for sustainable design and innovation. Our mission is to deliver quality every time, down to the most minor project. 

Whether we are undertaking renovation work, planning a family home, or a large commercial property design, every feature will be carefully thought out. We focus on respecting the environment, sourcing beautiful material and enhancing the Queensland landscape.     

Retail architects of Brisbane

The fast-changing pace of the retail world forces a future-oriented design. We know the necessities faced by retailers and offer both practical, commercially viable plans with scalable style. Our detailed approach, and consistent design, makes for highly recognisable buildings that offer pleasing atmospheres for clients and employees. 

Brisbane interior design for commercial properties

The shifting working environment marks the need for evolutive buildings. We design with connectivity and workforce collaboration in mind. Elegant, functional and imaginative design solutions describe our work. We pride ourselves in nurturing an atmosphere of creativity for your company with our open, modern looks that invite big ideas. 

Queenslander businesses are booming, and Brisbane is growing into a competitive capital city that deserves cutting-edge architecture. With our Tokyo experience, we are always at the front of innovation allied with perfect practicality. 

Residential architects of Brisbane

Understanding your dream home lies at the heart of our profession. We can offer the design that fits your lifestyle from sheltered decks, stilts, shared housing, and multiple storeys solutions. We strive to make your exterior and interior special and entirely personal. 

Architectural house design should be a highlight in a lifetime, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve the perfect home for your family. Whether you need small lot architecture for your Brisbane home, or are looking for a collaborator in a multiple housing development project, we will deliver the design you seek.  

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