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About Chalmers Partners Architects.

Chalmers Partners Architects in Brisbane is a small practice, unlike any other practice you have come across before. You will find CPA's, small nimble team, residing in a quaint heritage studio in Brisbane. CPA have replaced the standard work week, with flexible working and a lack of ‘normal’ work practices - leaning heavily on process and planning. we have built the practice on a love of design, process and efficient documentation, and delivery. Architecture is subjective, and every client is inherently important, without them, we as architects do not exist. CPA are first and foremost people, and as the client always have complete access to and know exactly who you are always working with.

Our value add is our commercial understanding and process design – our point of difference is our amazing team.

Strategic and organised in our approach. Flexible in our execution.

Meet our team.

We envisage it will be constructive to have a design team that is very senior, very accomplished, and very small so that opportunities for truly meaningful contributions are not defrayed by the presumed necessity of over-participation. Chalmers Partners Architects are naturally inclusive and open, and it has been our deliberate choice as a business, to not offer you or any other client an expansive team, but to simply offer you some potent seniority who are prepared to meet all the necessary stakeholders, personnel and leaders and to make a distillation of the situation that is clear and insightful. This is the Crux of Chalmers Partners Architects, a small, responsive team of experienced designers. The benefit to this means direct access to the director, and team lead, always

Luke Chalmers
William Cobine

Our Projects.

Architects are trained in problem solving, CPA recognize this and position our practice accordingly. We assign our time forward in the project, ensuring the right solution is found through a rigorous design methodology and process. We feel that documentation is simple, and should never be over complicated. We utilize templates, technology, and clean design to produce clear and concise solutions. The intent is to best describe the architecture to those procuring it and to those using it. If we follow these basic rules, we are able to complete significant works, with our smaller team.

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