The Team

We envisage it will be constructive to have a design team that is very senior, very accomplished, and small so that opportunities for truly meaningful contributions are met. Chalmers Partners Architects are naturally inclusive and open, and it has been our deliberate choice as a business, to not offer you or any other client an expansive team, but to simply offer you a senior team, who are prepared to meet all the necessary stakeholders, personnel and leaders and to make a distillation of the situation that is clear and insightful. This is the Crux of Chalmers Partners Architects, a small, responsive team of experienced designers. The benefit to this means direct access to the director, and team lead, always.

Luke Chalmers


Luke founded Chalmers Partners in 2017, to explore the detail, and the process behind quality architecture. As a process driven business, Luke set out to showcase that large scale projects can be designed, documented and delivered with a small well put together team. Luke has a background in Japan, growing up and attending school in Tokyo. His work showcases Japanese design and theory in a subtle manner, with a focus on the process, community, culture and simplicity. Luke works very closely with his team, and collaborates at a larger scale across Asia Pacific and Australia.

Bruce Yum


Bruce’s methodical process has allowed CPA’s design and technical knowledge to adapt to projects built in traditional construction and modular construction. Bruce’s versatility has been honed through on-site experience on projects across the country and modular production factories internationally. Bruce’s front end project experience working with clients in developing their concepts into buildable designs, has provides invaluable to programming and delivery.

Elvis Kiosses


With over 30 years experience in the architectural and construction industry Elvis has covered a wide range of roles including; Senior Architect, Project Manager, Design Manager, Building Designer, Documentation Team Leader, Site Design Coordination and Construction Contract Administration. Elvis has obtained skills in the delivery of projects across multiple and diverse disciplines and clients, ranging from Private Clients, Commercial Entities (including Government) and building contractors alike. With a passion for looking to experience new and diverse projects and cultures to broaden his design, construction and built environment knowledge Elvis welcomes any challenge with enthusiasm.

Natasha Johnston


Having undertaken a career change into Architecture, Natasha came to Chalmers Partners Architects with a broad understanding of people and people management. Natasha’s previous role as a Registered Nurse, provides another perspective of stress, management, and client interaction. Her ability to understand empathize with people and the environment they live in, is key to dissecting design solutions. Natasha is passionate about sub-tropical design, resilient and residential architecture, heritage architecture and is passionate about the pen to paper approach of design and architecture

Angus Odling


As a student Angus has excelled at delivering strategic and thought through designs, often melding technology with architecture to provide simple and elegant solutions. Angus is able to produce effective design solutions whilst increasing Chalmers Partners efficiencies significantly. His experience in digital design and documentation is highly valued by the Chalmers Partners team and is implemented across all typographies in the office.